The British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia (BCRC), Czech Refugee Trust Fund (CRTF)

Call­ing all descen­dants of for­mer Czech/Slovak/Hungarian refugees who came to Britain and found refuge in the CRTF hos­tels in Mar­gate, Kent in August/September 1939, or lat­er trans­ferred to the CRTF hos­tel in Kingston-upon-Thames, Sur­rey in 1940.

Katharine Whitak­er, fam­i­ly his­to­ri­an, whose father Mik­lós Majer (angli­cised to Nicholas May­er) left Czecho­slo­va­kia with help from CRTF and was giv­en refuge at West Ham Hos­tel in Mar­gate, is search­ing for descen­dants, espe­cial­ly descen­dants of Czech/Slovak refugees who returned to Czecho­slo­va­kia after World War 2 but sub­se­quent­ly left again in 1948/9 and 1968/9 and emi­grat­ed to Cana­da.

Katharine Whitak­er is inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about their expe­ri­ences of leav­ing Czecho­slo­va­kia in 1939, arrival in Britain, life in the hos­tels, how they found work dur­ing World War 2 and rea­sons for return­ing to Czecho­slo­va­kia after the war.

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